2024 Canoe Journey Transportation and Lodging Assistance

PURPOSE: The Canoe Journey Benefit was developed to encourage participation of Tribal Members and their families in the Annual Canoe Journey. This benefit is a seasonal benefit that is approved and administered yearly per Snoqualmie Tribal Council approval.

ELIGIBILITY: To receive this benefit, the applicant must be an adult enrolled member of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe.

AVAILABLE BENEFIT AMOUNT: An eligible applicant is eligible for up to $500 for eligible Canoe Journey Lodging and Transportation expenses per the designated Canoe Journey Benefit Cycle. The Canoe Journey Benefit Cycle is seasonal benefit cycle that is determined yearly per Snoqualmie Tribal Council. Funding for this program is subject to availability of tribe resources and budget approval by Snoqualmie Tribal Council.

Eligible Expenses: Transportation (gas, toll, parking, boat launch, and ferry fees), and lodging (hotel and campsite fees) that are related to Canoe Journey. For the purposes of Canoe Journey these items are considered tax exempt under the Tribe’s General Welfare Policy.

PAYMENT: Applicants may receive a check advance or be reimbursed for Canoe Journey transportation and lodging
expenses. The 2024 Canoe Journey Benefit Cycle is defined as June 1, 2024 through August 15, 2024. An applicant’s lodging reservation, tolls, gas receipts, ferry receipts must take place during these dates. If an applicant booked their lodging in advance, their stay must be within the dates above.

Checks in Advance: Applicants requesting checks in advance must have their complete application submitted to the TCR Program by July 10, 2024.

Reimbursement: Applicants requesting reimbursement for lodging/ferries/toll must have their complete application submitted with all original receipts to the TCR Program by August 15, 2024. Vendor payments are not being offered for this program.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: Please take note of the following funding requirements:

– All applicants must turn in a quote, reservation, or receipt, if they use funding towards lodging, ferry, or tolls. No receipts are required for a gas requests, gas is calculated based on mileage and GSA gas rate.