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      I agree that the Housing Department may contact other tribal programs and my mortgage lender for pertinent information as it applies to this application. I agree to repay any funds that the Tribe deems to have been misused, and that the Tribe may pursue any available remedies at law and/or equity to recover misused funds.

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    Application Instructions

    Below are the instructions and criteria for applying to the Home Repair & Improvement Assistance.


    The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe has established the following criteria with the intent to ensure that the Home Repair & Improvement Assistance Program, formerly the Major Home Repair Assistance Program, provides financial assistance within the scope of the established Policy.

    This Program provides a benefit to adult Tribal Member homeowners in the area of home repairs and improvements, up to $10,000 per eligible Tribal Member every three (3) years.

      • A. To be eligible to receive this benefit, you must be:
        • 1. An adult enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal Member 18 years of age or older;
        • 2. the homeowner of the residence where the repair will take place; and
        • 3. occupying that home more than 51% of the year as your principal residence.
      • B. The following are ineligible to receive the Benefit:
        • 1. Tribal Members who rent but do not own their home.
        • 2. Households with a minor Snoqualmie Indian child, without an Adult Tribal Member.
        • 3. Secondary homes, such as vacation homes or rental/investment properties.
    Application Process
      • A. To apply to receive this benefit, you must complete this Home Repair & Improvement Assistance Application, including:
        • 1. Physical address/location information of the residence;
        • 2. Proof of homeownership (e.g., mortgage statement, property taxes, or title/deed);
        • 3. Documentation for the cost of the home repair or improvement.
      • B. The Housing Department may require you to provide additional documentation if the proof of home ownership is insufficient or inconsistent based on Tribal records. The Tribe may also determine homeownership according to financial responsibility, on a case-by-case basis.
    Eligible Expenses
      • A. Home Repair & Improvement Assistance is available up to $10,000 per Tribal Member every 3 years. No carryover from previous cycles and no drawing/borrowing from future cycles are allowed.
      • B. The funding does not have to be accessed in a single transaction, but if the receipt or invoice submitted for an eligible request is less than the available benefit amount, only the documented amount will be issued.
      • C. Any remaining funds will be available for the Tribal Member to utilize with a new eligible request until the end of each 3-year cycle.
      • D. Eligible Expenses covered by the Benefit are strictly limited to the costs of labor and supplies, plus associated warranties.
      • E. To be treated as a General Welfare eligible expense for tax exemption, the repair must address one or more of the following:
        • 1. Water, sewage, or sanitation issues;
        • 2. Household plumbing and septic systems (including updating/enhancing);
        • 3. Water heaters (including updating/enhancing);
        • 4. Mold remediation;
        • 5. Electrical issues;
        • 6. HVAC system repairs/enhancements and any repairs that address heating and cooling issues (including but not limited to: window replacement, door replacement, etc.);
        • 7. Roof repair or replacement;
        • 8. Home foundation repairs;
        • 9. Accessibility improvements to the home (including but not limited to: wheelchair ramps, hand railings, grab bars, etc.); or
        • 10. Necessary basic repairs that are a direct health and safety concern, which will be assessed by the Housing Department on a case-by-case basis.
      • F. The following categories of items are considered eligible expenses for the Home Repair & Improvement Assistance Program; however, these items may be considered taxable by the IRS and the Tribe will issue a 1099-MISC to the recipient:
        • 1. Minor repairs or cosmetic upgrades to the home that are not a health and safety issue (including but not limited to: countertops, fixtures/faucets, flooring, cabinets, painting, decks, room additions, bathroom upgrades, garage doors, gutter replacement, etc.);
        • 2. Landscaping (including but not limited to: tree removal, lawn enhancements, sprinkler or lighting enhancements, driveway upgrades or enhancements, etc.); or
        • 3. Routine maintenance that is not a health and safety issue (including but not limited to: gutter cleanings, chimney cleanings, air duct cleanings, etc.).
      • G. Items NOT eligible for this program include upgrades to household appliances (including stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.).
    Payment Options
      • A. Reimbursement: If you would like to request reimbursement for supplies or services purchased for an eligible home repair, you must provide an itemized receipt that lists your name and shows proof of payment.
      • B. Supplies-Only Vendor Payment: If you would like the Tribe to pay a vendor directly for supplies only, you must provide an invoice from an approved retailer. Following application approval, a Purchase Order or check will be executed directly with the vendor.
      • C. Services / Supplies Vendor Payment: If you would like the Tribe to pay the contractor/vendor directly for your eligible home repair, you must provide an invoice and contract that outlines the scope and time frame of work, as well as proof of contractor licensing and bonding, and a W-9 for the vendor.
        • 1. The Tribe will issue payment only as a third party on your behalf and will not be a party to any contracts, nor will the Tribe assume any responsibility to ensure that the terms of the contracts are properly carried out. It is your responsibility to verify the quality of work and maintenance of repair records.
        • 2. If you have already signed a contract for a repair and this application is denied, you are responsible for payment. It is recommended that you wait to sign a contract with the vendor until after this application has been approved.
    Program Limitations
      • A. This benefit cannot be combined with Emergency Assistance or the Tribe’s HUD program.
      • B. The Tribe is the payer of last resort for all funding provided under this Program; if the Tribal Member is also accessing a public program or non-repayable grant to help pay for the repair, the Tribe will only pay the remaining balance of the invoice after the other sources of funding have been applied.
      • C. The Tribe may require repayment from the Tribal Member for any payments made on the Tribal Member’s behalf to vendors for repairs that are not completed within 1 calendar year after the issuance of payment.
    Applications and Supporting Documents can be attached to this E-form, scanned, faxed, mailed, or hand-delivered to the Snoqualmie Tribal Office at:

    Mailing Address:
    ATTN: Housing Department
    P.O. Box 969
    Snoqualmie, WA 98065

    Fax Number: (206) 202-4535

    Email: housing@snoqualmietribe.us