Salish Lodge Gift Certificate

Happy 1-year anniversary of the acquisition of the Salish Lodge and sacred land!

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the restriction on public gatherings, we are unable to celebrate this day with an event with all Tribal Members. To celebrate, the Tribal Council would like to offer adult enrolled Snoqualmie Tribal members a gift certificate to use at the Salish Lodge & Spa in the amount of $300.

  • This gift certificate could potentially be taxable if you have already exceeded $600 in taxable benefit income from the Tribe this year, or if this $300 gift card will push you over the that threshold.

  • If you would like to receive this gift certificate, please fill out the form below.

  • Please enter your first and last name
  • Please enter your enrollment number
  • Please enter your mailing address
  • Please enter your contact phone number
  • Please enter an email address you can be contacted through
  • Please let us know how you would like to receive the gift certificate. Note that if you select US Certified Mail you will need to complete a form acknowledging receipt and that lost or misplaced gift certificates will not be replaced.