2024 Seahawks Suite Tickets Application

Tribal Council would like to announce the availability of Seattle Seahawks Suite tickets for the 2024 Season!

A Tribal Member may only submit a request for one game. Multiple submissions by the same Tribal Member will be deemed invalid and will be disqualified.

The Tribal Member is required to attend the game and will be required to show the host their Tribal ID while checking in at the suite. Failure to check in or failure to attend will result in the Member being charged for the full face value cost of all tickets distributed to them in the form of a 1099-MISC.

  • Adult enrolled Tribal Members are eligible to submit this form.
  • Tribal Members will receive 2 tickets per game.
  • Parking passes are available for Elders while inventory lasts.
  • If you were awarded tickets and failed to attend your game last year, you are not eligible to enter this year for tickets.
  • The Seahawks are using digital tickets at this time. An e-mail address is required to receive tickets and a smart phone is needed on game day to display your tickets when entering.

Deadline: Please submit your entry by Friday, July 12th by 5PM.

Please note: This request does not guarantee you tickets.
* Recipient of tickets may result in issuance of a 1099-MISC