The Upper Snoqualmie River Resilient Corridor Project

The Upper Snoqualmie River Resilient Corridor Project is a research and planning project that the Snoqualmie Tribe is conducting to hear from the Tribal Community in particular, and the broader community at large, about what they see currently happening to this part of the Snoqualmie River and surrounding land, what is important to them and their relationship to the river, and how they think it will change in the future.

Your survey responses will be incorporated and shared in the Resilient Corridor Plan that will be the result from this project. The plan will:

  • Assess the current state of river ecology and landscape processes in the project area, and how these processes affect water quality, water quantity, floodplain function, and in-stream aquatic habitat
  • Assess how the conditions and processes are expected to change in a warming climate
  • Gather stories and values regarding the Upper Snoqualmie River corridor that are central to the Tribal community’s relationship with the river, as well as how they feel about changes
  • Gather input about values and feelings about the changes from the larger local community
  • Foster knowledge-sharing across the community to support a richer cultural relationship with the Snoqualmie River and to promote a sense of common stewardship